Capricorn Dancers, Day 25 – Kenilworth Bakery Donuts

Day 25 Sunday 20/6/21 Kenilworth, sunny 22

We’ve been intrigued by the Kenilworth Bakery. It has two shops side by side one selling savoury the other sweet. The sweet one advertises donuts and each morning a queue stretches along the street. Woody weakens and joins the line at 7:30am and returns with a big grin, a box of 4 donuts and his wallet $26 lighter. We’re not donut eaters but these are sensational. Lemon Curd and Pistachio & Caramel.

After the heavyweight breakfast we drive down to Yandina to buy pineapple jam, chocolate ginger and chocolate macadamias from Buderim Ginger and Nutworks*. We take the steep climb up to Mapleton and Montville but find that it’s far too busy to find a parking spot up on the narrow ridge. Not fussed about which road to take and not having the van to worry about we take the Obi Obi Road and notice a sign declaring it not suitable for caravans. Hmm it must be a little bit steep. Steep, there’s 5kms of winding and seriously steep downhill descent that is unmade. It would have been pretty if we’d been able to take our eyes off the road.

*A regular treat to stock up on when passing through this area. Ginger has been grown in this region for longer than I can remember (and that’s a long time) and macadamias are native to South East Queensland. Pineapple jam, well that’s hard to find down south these days but it always reminds us of our childhood when jam came in tins.

Accom: $22.00

Towing Kms: 0

Kenilworth Bakery Donuts the best donuts ever!
Kenilworth Bakery

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