Capricorn Dancers, Day 42 – A Meet up

Day 42 Wednesday 7/7/21 Tannum Sands, sunny 23

Setting off in search of a fruit barn (fruit barns are a Qld thing) because fruit and vegetables seem to be expensive in the supermarkets up here, we find ourselves doing a loop out to Benaraby then back into Gladstone. All to no avail but we do find a good butcher at Barney Point.

Elle and El Prado with their West Australian in laws Kath & Kim in tow arrive in the afternoon after having left Melbourne at the end of lockdown. They’re desperate for warmer weather, warm coastal nights and an evening where they can enjoy sitting outdoors. See we weren’t the only ones chasing better weather.

As this park has masses of open space in the unpowered area we are surprised to discover that they can only get a one night stay. Covid rules mean that a head count applies to these premises too even though it is outdoors.

We talk ourselves almost hoarse recounting our adventures of the past few weeks on our treks north.

Dinner is a late bbq and we quickly realise that we have indeed found an excellent butcher.

Sydney has extended its lockdown.

Accom: 21.00

Towing Kms: 0

Spiny or Jewel Spider
Albizia Niopoides (according to Plant Snap)

6 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 42 – A Meet up

  1. Does the new butcher have lamb cutlets. That’s weird having the head count limitations for outdoors, but I suppose without the mingling around the mirrors in amenities could be a problem.


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