Where are we?

The showgrounds market is just packing up for the day and the place appears to be somewhat disorganized. There are a lot of horse stables that, by the amount of fresh manure must be in regular use. The van parking area is in a fenced paddock off to one side and there must be thirty vans of all shapes and sizes, but mostly large. Beside us we have a magnificent Winnebago with slide outs and probably worth half a million dollars. On the other side is a somewhat messy van with an old bloke sitting in the sun on a straight backed household kitchen chair watching the rugby. With him is his well mannered and well dressed wife and a Pekingese dog called Niall. On the other side of the cyclone wire fence is a modern equestrian centre and a dressage competition is in progress, so that explains the horse stables. As the sun sets the lights come on under the large domed roof and it looks spectacular.

Sometimes atmospheric conditions play tricks with sound and as evening draws in the noise becomes almost intolerable; the M1 freeway is close by, a very busy railway line is beside us, a flight path to Brisbane airport is overhead, there is the constant wail of emergency sirens and of our neighbour shouting profanities both at the TV and down the phone line whilst belching loudly. About every ten minutes we would hear “give us another beer would you luv…buuurp”. We are too close to laugh out loud without being heard, so we have to stifle the giggles. Is this really Caboolture or are we in Burpengary? Woody gives up and goes to bed early in the hope that he can get back on the road quicker.

Note: Caboolture and Burpengary are neighbouring Brisbane suburbs.

Even this guy had a laugh

7 thoughts on “Where are we?

    1. I think it is harder to find good camping spots near large cities. That being said we did find one in Perth that was almost magical. How they managed to block out traffic noise I’ll never know. This lifestyle does make coming home to the city more difficult each time. Cheers.

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  1. What a beautiful bird! Ps you get the noisy neighbours syndrome wherever you are – you can hear one of our neighbours every time he sneezes, visitors always jump out of their skins the first time they hear it!


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